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Hey girl, thanks for taking the time to be here. As a wife, mom of two, and business woman, I know your time is valuable! I encourage you to take a moment to rest in this truth: God loves you just as you are. Right now. Nothing added. There’s nothing you can do to make him love you any more than he already does!

Okay, now that your random daily spiritual encouragement is taken care of, let me tell you a little more about myself (in case you’re new here!):

I am first and foremost an unashamed, Bible-believing follower of Jesus. I believe God’s Word is sufficient for all instruction for living a life pleasing to God. Since I am committed to making Jesus the center of my life, everything else flows from that relationship of unconditional love and unapologetic truth.

Although I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I moved to Michigan, USA when I was only three years old. When I was 15, I met my high school sweetheart, Jordan, and we knew from our very first date that we were going to get married. A few years later, on June 25, 2017 we tied the knot, and we are so thankful that the Lord brought us together, and for all he has done since. From that union, we now have two little bundles of joy, our daughter, Alethea and our son, Ariel (or “Ari” for short). We picked these names because of the Biblical significance they bear. Alethea is an adaptation from the Greek word for “truth” and Ariel is Hebrew for “lion of God.” They keep our hands full, but our hearts even fuller. And speaking of full hands and hearts, Jordan and I also rescued two pitbull pups named Samson and Delilah, so I guess we have four babies! Our family is one of the best blessings we’ve ever known (even if our bed is too crowded most of the time).

From a professional perspective, I originally went to college to study early childhood development, but my plans shifted when God opened doors for my YouTube channel to grow, so I turned to that full time. Jordan and I also host a podcast together where we go into greater detail about our lives as Christians, husband and wife, and parents. I cannot even begin to put into words how honored, grateful, and humbled I am to receive so many messages, emails, and letters from so many people on social media about how the content I make brings them closer to the Lord. I literally could not do what I do without your love and support, so thank you–from the bottom of my heart–for being here!

May God richly bless you today and every day.

Love, Milena