Alethea’s Toddler Room Tour!


Alethea’s Toddler Room! Full video is linked here on my IGTV but here’s everything in photo form A little before Alethea turned 2 we took out her rocking chair & added her own self care area, turning her nursery into a toddler room.

Her book corner & dresser remained the same! She’s fully potty trained with the exception of night time so I should probably get rid of her changing pad but I feel like that area would look so empty without it so for now, that stays

Rug, Magazine stand, Rattan chair (home goods, link to similar):, Fiddle leaf plant, Wall baskets (thrifted/home goods), Snake plant (home depot, link to similar): , Basket for snake plant, Floating shelves, Wooden camera, Mouse trinket, Plants on shelf: all IKEA, Dresser, Knobs for dresser, Gold round mirror, Changing table tray

Before her first birthday we transitioned her into a toddler bed. It took her 3 days to get used to it and it’s been great since then! Previous to that she was climbing out of her crib but couldn’t get back in, so this was the best solution for us. Her crib becomes a toddler bed but the entire 4th piece comes off leaving a giant opening, Jordan went to Home Depot and grabbed a 52 in by 5 1/2 in piece of wood and drilled it into the crib! It keeps her in the bed regardless of which way she tosses and turns.

Curtains, Side table, Wooden hanger rack, Embroidered hoop, Swing, Crib, Rainbow paint colors: Mesa Sand, Morning Glow, Vienna Beige (Sherwin Williams) 

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  1. Jasmine Hall says:

    Can you link the ceiling fan that is in her room?

  2. Monica Valenzuela says:

    Can you link the book display, please?

  3. Danaisy says:

    Hi! I love your blog. I think it would be helpful if you change the color of the hyperlink to make it readable. it is hard to read with the current color you have. Just the Hyperlink color! Everything else is fine! Just an FYI.

  4. Kaia Johnson says:

    Can you link her monitor please?

  5. Lucy says:

    Does she sleep in her toddler bed the entire night? My toddler will come into our bed in the middle of night no matter how many times I walk him back over to his bed

  6. Carson Cotner says:

    So cute!!!! Where is the self care clothes rack from??

  7. Carson Cotner says:

    Omg I see now lololol

  8. Hi says:

    Your blog is sooo hard to read, please change the font and font coloring! Also would love more about the toddler bed conversion process for her… Not very descriptive and this is a major milestone for children to just gloss over in 2 sentences

    • Angeles says:

      I understand your frustrations but please be kinder when expressing it . Milena doesn’t owe us anything and is taking time out of her day to give us helpful content . Peace be with you .

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