How to Care for Your Cast Iron

One of my most used kitchen items is the cast iron. I use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes – it’s one thing I couldn’t go without. I’ve learned the best way to care for and clean your cast iron, and I’m here to share all of the details.

how to clean your cast iron

How To Clean Cast Iron

Cleaning and a cast iron is easier than you might think!

First, you’ll need to wash and scrub with SOAP and water. Yes you can use soap – even Lodge says you can!

Next, you’ll dry it off and put in over medium heat until alllll the water has evaporated. While still warm, I add a layer of beef tallow all over the pan – I get mine from here!

It can get a little messy so I store mine very specifically so things don’t get all slimy. I do that every time I use it, which is 2-3x a day. I know it sounds tedious at first but becomes a quick and easy habit that will preserve your cast irons for years to come.

Here are the pans I use:

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