This Week’s Outfits *September 13*

Coming at y’all with yet another week of outfits! We’ve got funky blazers, the cutest bracelets, comfy sweats, + a little of everything in between.

My goal with these blog posts is not to pressure you into buying new things or feel like you need new clothing, but rather give you some inspiration and style ideas for when it is time for you to purchase new pieces

Just simply click on the photo shop ☺️ (I will be adding sizing information for reference but please please please do not compare & know that numbers do not determine your worth— only Jesus does)

Simply click on the photo to shop sizing is in the caption (you may have to go onto a desktop to see that).

This Week's Outfits Sept 13-1 2.png

This week I wore my bracelet stack from Little Words Project and I’m obsessed! Not only are they cute + versatile, but I love how much meaning there is behind each word. My stack says “faith”, “breathe”, “sunshine”, + “blessed” and I chose these words to serve as positive little reminders to rest, have faith, and be grateful as I go throughout my day ☺️ I also have a customizable one that said “Mamae” (mommy in Portuguese) and Alethea has one that says “Bebe” (baby in Portuguese). These seriously make for the perfect gift and I already have so many people in mind to give these to These bracelets are meant to eventually be passed on to someone else & you can even track where they travel in their lifetime! I plan to pass mine on to my cousins in Brazil  You can use my code: MILENA!% for 15% off your purchase!

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