This Week’s Outfits January 24 *17 Weeks*

y’all i’ve been on a “groovy vibe” lately gimme all the printed flare pants, chunky sunnies, and funky colors! it’s been such a fun way to spice up my growing bump while staying as cozy as possible because y’all… it’s literally been 5 degrees in Michigan also! I recently went in and categorized all of my blogs so my weekly outfit posts will now be easier to find based on season or if they’re maternity outfits.

My goal with these blog posts is not to pressure you into buying new things or feel like you need new clothing, but rather give you some inspiration and style ideas for when it is time for you to purchase new pieces

Just simply click on the photo shop ☺️ (I will be adding sizing information for reference but please please please do not compare & know that numbers do not determine your worth— only Jesus does)

Simply click on the photo to shop sizing is in the caption (you may have to go onto a desktop to see that).

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  1. Madie says:

    You’re making me miss my baby bump ❤️ I love all of these

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