A Montessori Inspired Playroom Tour


This is my first official blog post!! One of my goals this year is to get into blogging and using my website as a resource for y’all. It took me 5 months but we’re finally here! Today I’m taking you through every corner of the playroom + linking everything + giving tips & everything in-between! Enjoy

Disclaimer: Please please please do not compare your playroom to ours/anyone else’s or put yourself down as a Mother for any reason. I understand that a lot of homes don’t have an extra space for a playroom and that’s normal! We didn’t even have space in our previous house for anything other than a nursery and office, so I had Alethea’s toys & rotation set up in our kitchen. Adapt to what works for your family. Besides, kids are thankful for whatever we can provide them with, and they are really what matters and why we are doing this in the first place With that being said, LET’S BEGIN.

This playroom is Montessori + Waldof inspired. I like to keep the large pieces neutral and minimal and use the toys for color. This is a battery/electronic free zone. I want my children to walk in here and be inspired to create & explore all while being in a calming environment. Our minds are easily over stimulated with busy/bright colors, loud sounds, etc. so I want this area to feel safe and tranquil.


We have 2 low chairs off to the side for the adults to sit in when we’re in the playroom, which comes in handy & my back thanks me lol. Sometimes we old folks need to take 5 from all the running around and climbing

brown chairs rattan side table


This area is where the kids’ toys live for the week. We do a weekly or biweekly toy rotation to help the kids explore, reuse toys over and over again, expand their imagination, give them autonomy over their toy selection, keep the experience fresh, and so much more. The top row houses Alethea’s toys that are appropriate for her age, and the bottom row houses Ari’s toys since he’s a little lower to the ground (for now). Alethea has a table for her to pick 1 toy + bring it to the table + complete the activity + then place it back before getting her next toy. I’m not going to lie, she hasn’t been into most of these toys at all. She’s into open ended play so I’ve been following her lead and not forcing her to play with the other toys if she doesn’t want to. I have saved SO much money by rotating the kids’ toys. Each time, they get exposed to a “new” toy even though they played with that same toy maybe a month ago.

8 cube organizer- KALLAX , Rainbow Stacking Towers , Stacking Rocks, Felt Nesting Cubes, Matching Cards , Long Object Permanence Box, Cube Object Permanence Box, Rainbow Caterpillar, Wooden Teethers, Rainbow Abacus, Posters

The next little corner is something that I also rotate. The best thing about kid’s furniture is that it’s usually small and light which makes for easy lifting and rearranging. This month, we have the kitchen in place. Both kids LOVE the kitchen. I painted it a couple years ago and it’s held up well. If the kitchen isn’t in here, I place pillows and blankets to turn it into a reading corner hehe, I will also put the doll house here. Right next to the kitchen is a little table that Alethea can use for her toys, drawing, reading, etc.

Coco Village Kitchen, Wooden Kitchen Toys Set, Canopy , World Map Tapestry Canvas , Kids Table- LATT

By the window we have our music corner. I try to include music and instruments every week, whether it’s in a basket on the ground or a whole corner like this! Ari has been super super into this little corner! This space also doubles as a “time-in” area for Alethea if she needs a minute to herself to deescalate. Jordan took a really sweet video this morning of me and the kids putting this little corner to use! I placed the silk handkerchiefs on the wooden rings but decided to take them off and make them into capes instead! Alethea and Ari were both little musical superheroes dancing and having a blast using the instruments.

Lamb Dolls, Felted Color Wheel Rainbow, Rainbow Silks , Wooden Rings, Piano (I painted it), Rainbow Xylophone , Woven Basket, Guitar, Musical Instrument Set , Rain stick,

The 2nd to last part of the playroom is the sensory table + book shelf! Y’all know I love sensory activities (oh, and so do my kids), so a sensory table is a must! This one from IKEA is finally back in stock! The book shelf is vintage rattan style, and was a gift from a thrift store. I linked a smilier one, but this houses a couple of other toys, books, a timer for me to keep the kids on track, and, arguably most essential, a diffusor! (See what I did there?!) This diffusor is so so cute because it doubles as sound machine. I have the birds and forest sounds playing while Stress Away is diffusing. This makes for such a calming & welcoming environment.

Childrens Table- FLISAT, Leather Mat , Wicker Baskets Hanging, Apron, Dustpan and broom, Wooden shelf , Nesting Rainbow, Hanging Note Roll, Young Living Owl Diffuser , Wooden Cars , Timer

the final part is our pikler set! This was Alethea’s birthday gift when she turned 1. she wasn’t into it until she was 15/16 months and ari has been climbing the whole thing since he was 8 months  its a 3 piece set & there are many ways to configure them. under that we have a squishy puzzle piece mat. I combined two sets together. they don’t have our exact style anymore but I linked a very very similar one! let me know what else you’d to see on my blog!                                    Indoor Wooden Climbing Set: (set of 3) playmat

the final part is our pikler set! This was Alethea’s birthday gift when she turned 1. she wasn’t into it until she was 15/16 months and ari has been climbing the whole thing since he was 8 months its a 3 piece set & there are many ways to configure them. under that we have a squishy puzzle piece mat. I combined two sets together. they don’t have our exact style anymore but I linked a very very similar one! let me know what else you’d to see on my blog!

Indoor Wooden Climbing Set: (set of 3) playmat

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  1. Brenda Jaylene says:

    Thank you for this! I recently set up a play area for my little one, but I’ve noticed that his toys upset him and are very over stimulating. I’m now inspired to create a more calming space after reading this blog. Thank you, girl!

  2. shakira sanchez says:

    i love it! thank you for sharing, i’m looking forward to decorating my daughters room montessori inspo!

  3. Sulema says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’ve been waiting for a tour 🙂

  4. Ellen says:

    Thank you for taking the time to link all these resources! My son is almost 6 months so starting to think about putting together a proper play space for him. Love all your content!

  5. Victoria says:

    Yessss thank you thank you thank you i finally have the link for the posters I’ve been looking for like crazy! Thank you for taking the time i already have a lot of these things i have been learning and doing things like you for my one year old! I’ve learned a lot Gracias your an inspiration God bless you

  6. Maria says:

    Thank you sooooo much for taking the time and putting all these resources together! So helpful!

  7. Angelica Navarro says:

    So in love with the playroom, it’s my favorite part of your home! I like how you start off by saying not to compare our space with yours. This is giving me so many ideas that while I was in Hawaii for vacation, I started buying música instruments to one day have a music corner too! (I’m 5 months pregnant with my first child ). Thanks for all the time you’ve put into this! It means more than you know. You’ve prepared me more for motherhood than anything else and have helped me find parenting styles that I want to adopt as well, thank you so so much ♥️♥️♥️

  8. Emily says:

    My favorite part of your house! (So weird to say since it feels like I’ve been to your home over the vlogs ) thank you for the inspiration!!

  9. Joy says:

    Love love love this post. Could I suggest that you change the text so that not everything is capitalized? It’s a little difficult to read and my inner reading voice is reading all this as if you are yelling haha!

  10. Yarialis says:

    I was telling my husband that I want a corner like this when we buy our own house, I love this because I find inspiration and this thanks to you I want to be more creative with my daughter. I absolutely admire you as a mom, you are amazing and God bless you and your lovely family

  11. Andrea king says:

    How did you paint the piano I love it and I can not find a white one in stock???

  12. Diana Enns says:

    I love this! Please do more posts on Montessori, setting up activities for Althea. On another note, I’d be interested for a cooking video or blog post from you! Loved your grocery and cleaning videos! And maybe a video on how you talk to your kids about god! Thank you for such great content!

  13. Elia Carboni says:

    Thank you for this post! Such a beautiful space! The diffuser is an excellent idea!

    *Side note May just be my phone but the font is very difficult to read against the motif on the blog. I noticed it here & also on the main page & links as well… maybe using it bold would help like the names of the people in this comment section.. all in love♡

  14. Rebbeka says:

    I love your playroom and it has inspired me so much when it comes to my sons playroom. I would love if you could share ideas for sensory play or toys you have for ari specifically because my son is actually only two weeks younger than him and I’m always looking for new activities. I’m so grateful I found your channel while I was pregnant because you inspired me a lot to learn about Montessori and gentle parenting approaches. I’m an even better mom because of it and I have a passion for sensory play and child development that I would have never known I had. Thank you for sharing everything you do

  15. Yasmin says:

    Milena!!! Oh how I wish I had a room to do this too 🙁 but I’m working with what I got and that’s my baby’s room. I keep his toys in a cubed shelf too but that’s it. I would love to have a music corner or a sensory table! The one from ikea is out of stock 5 minutes after I got the notification it was in stock 🙁

    Please do a Ari Friday or something showing sensory ideas for him! He’s close in age to my baby ❤

    And also the font was a bit hard to read too. Maybe use a different color or thicker font.

    Can’t wait for more blog posts ❤

  16. Jordonnay Siy says:

    Would love to see how you organize the toys that aren’t part of this weeks rotation. That’s my struggle haha

    • Monica D says:

      Hi! In one of her vlogs or YouTube videos about the playroom she shows the closet organization for the toys. Wish I could remember which video but hope that helps 🙂

  17. Mercedes says:

    So so cute! Thank you for sharing & linking everything!

  18. anna says:

    This is amazing! Always blown away by all that you’re able to accomplish at home & in work. Super Excited about this blog! Lucky babies to have you as their mama

  19. NicoleEboni says:

    Very cute! Little inspo for me now trying to work on a Montessori room. Reading the book Montessori room as well to get inspiration.

  20. Kassandra says:

    Appreciate you taking the time to share all this information 🙂

  21. Karen says:

    Can you please explain what exactly is Montessori ? And in one of your videos you said something about a reward and that it doesn’t go with that type Montessori ? I’m not sure if I’m making sense but the discipline that you use that is related to Montessori… I hope i made sense lol

  22. Laura Wetton Buckley says:


  23. Morgan says:

    HI! I love this blog post! Thank you so much for sharing. I love this room, and it’s reinspired me to be more creative with the small space we have! (We have all my daughter’s supplies in the living room since we only have one bedroom for the 3 of us! Can I make a suggestion? the font is really hard to read! It’s beautiful, but hard to read. Also, is it possible to have the links open to a new page. I kept losing my reading spot when I’d open a link. Does that make sense? ANyway, thanks for this!!

  24. Ula says:

    Hey! Bringing back good ol blog posts is so refreshing. One technical bit: with this font it is hard to spot a coma or a pause and that’s little bit tiresome to read. Congrats on your first blog post!

  25. MIKELA says:


  26. Demmi says:

    I take so much inspiration from you! Thank you so much for sharing.

  27. Sierra Litzenberger says:

    Love this!! Thank you so much!!

  28. Claudia says:

    Dear Milena

    First of all,, a huge thank you for your content! It has surely helped me as a mother (my son is about ari‘s age which is so cool). I came over to your blog from YouTube since I wanted to know which stacking rainbow you use (in the video you had placed it on the Kallax). I have been thinking of purchasing one for weeks now and I am still not sure which size, for instance. Can you recommend yours? Thanks in advance!

    Greetings from Germany

  29. Aubrey S says:

    I’m redoing my daughters room. She’s 11 months old, and I’m so inspired by this. I love and appreciate all your mama videos. Thank you!

  30. Alix says:

    I love this play room, I am doing my daughters room for her to play at the moment, can you please let me know what floor mat you have in this picture with the rain bows on it
    Thank you alix

  31. Ditte says:

    Nice post 🙂

    Do you have play areas (Toy or avticity setups) in other parts of the house, eg living room, or it’s all in their play room?

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