A Guide to Toy Rotation: 2024

One of my most frequently asked questions is about our toy rotation. If you’re new around here, I started this a few years ago to eliminate an overwhelming amount of stuff. When we refresh their toys, they get so excited and actually play without getting bored. Additionally, it challenges their creativity when it comes to finding new ways to play with things that they have loved in the past. I also want to find things that are great for their fine motor skills, social skills, and more – so I try to be very intentional with what I purchase. Longevity is something I like to keep in mind, as well as thrifting. I’m sharing some of my favorites (or the closest thing to) below.

Just as I said in our 2023 Toy Rotation Guide, I do both a soft rotation and a full rotation. Even though my kids are responsible for cleaning up their playroom most of the time, a soft rotation allows me to do a quick mom clean and put toys in a new spot. I also remove any random pieces that ended up finding their way to the playroom. Sometimes I’ll even switch easy furniture pieces like the Nugget and the rocking chair, or switch books from a large bookshelf to a small basket.

A full rotation takes about 15 minutes and is still an easy habit to keep up with if you have a good system. In a full rotation, I’m clearing everything out, wiping all surfaces (including those cubby corners), putting away old toys, and grabbing new toys for the playroom. A good rule of thumb is 6-8 toys a week per age group.

Anything that doesn’t get reached for after 1-2 rotations gets donated! 


At our previous house, we used an IKEA shelf unit for our organizational needs. At the new house, we use this system. I love that it’s stackable! You can set toys in it or you can place baskets in it for sets of things like blocks, etc.

playroom toy organization

Toys We Love

Baby & 1 Years Old

As your baby starts to turn tummy time into sitting, crawling, and walking, the whole world is a playground. This age really doesn’t need toys – I have found that life and everything around them becomes a toy! I often would lay my baby on the ground by the window so she could watch the clouds, trees, etc. If you are looking for some sweet things to have on hand, these are my go-to’s for exploring color, beginning fine motor skills, or basic problem-solving skills.

Cuddle and Kind Lamb & Bunny
Wooden Ball Drop
Rainbow Silks / Wings
Wooden Rings
Textured Balls
Rainbow Stacking Set
Felt Rainbow Mat
Wooden Rainbow Stacker Toys 
Felt Sorting Bowls

2 Years Old

This age is the age where play doesn’t look play- they’ll dump all the toys on the ground and then kick them around. That’s developmental appropriate and actually still play! 

Sensory foam / water play
Wooden Play Food
Crochet Food 
Wooden cookware
Wooden Town Play Set
Felt Bible Stories Set

Wooden peg dolls 
Felt Dolls
Baby Farm Figures / Safari animals / bugs
Bible Storyteller 
Wooden alphabet magnets 

3 Years

This is the point where play actually starts to look like play and kids get real creative! 

Musical instrument set
Wooden tea set 

Sushi set
Wood building blocks / rainbow wooden block set
Magnetic train set 
First Nativity Set 
Wooden Noahs ark set 
Wooden stable 
Wooden trucks 

toy rotation

4 – 5 Years

This has easily been my favorite to watch and observe because of their imagination is flourishing! 

Lincoln logs 
Wooden Train Track 
Magnetic roads
Biblical Felt Kits
Wooden dollhouse & Crib
Felt ball slingshot
Easy bake oven

Sword / Shield
Balance board

Doll bed
Loose parts

Full Toy Rotation 2024

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