Ruth 7-Day Study (FREE)

If you’ve been here for the past 4ish years then you may remember my 7 day study on the book of Ruth– my first ever Bible study! Looking back, so much has changed since writing this. We’ve had more babies, moved to a new home, and most importantly the Lord has (and still continues to) intensely refined my heart. Yet, what hasn’t changed is the truth that is found in God’s Word. Jesus Christ is truly the same yesterday, today, and forever.

As a gift to all who come, I’m posting the study here for people to freely download and go back and reference as they wish. This is a completely free resource so feel free to send it to your friends, sisters, moms, daughters, etc.

God’s word is so so powerful. It is my prayer that this study encourages all who read it to dive deeper into the scriptures and come to know the God of the Bible more intimately. 

Be blessed!!

xoxo, Milena

ruth bible study

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