7 Week Marriage Victory Challenge – Week Six

Ladies!! We’ve officially made it to marriage victory challenge week 6 🥳 despite the hiccups with the previous newsletter— we are HERE & more expectant than ever for breakthrough in marriages. I can’t help but think that such resistance to getting these newsletters out was more than just a technical difficulty. Kingdom marriages are powerful. They are a direct threat to the enemy’s camp because they look like Jesus and His church. This is exactly why I’m so passionate about marriage. I am SO fired up and I pray that you are too- there’s a reason why the Bible tells us to consider everything as an opportunity for JOY. As we enter these last two weeks my prayer is that your passion & excitement will continue to overflow as you rely on the Lord’s strength & power to completely transform your marriage & your entire life. 

This week’s challenge is something that I’m SO excited to share because words cannot express how much it’s changed our marriage by simply starting with me…

Praise him for the little things.

marriage victory challenge

The little things amount to big things. I’ve learned that growing in gratitude and appreciation for my husband truly started with the smallest things. If we look at our husbands and only see the things he isn’t doing and the ways he is seemingly falling short- that’s all we’ll see. And all it does is fill our hearts with ungratefulness, bitterness, & discontentment. It makes it nearly impossible to experience the joys of marriage and be full of gratitude when our focus is constantly negative.

This Week’s Marriage Victory Challenge

Practically speaking, praising your husband for the little things can look like:

-going out of your way to thank him for doing something that he normally does, like taking the trash out

-still expressing your appreciation for something even if it wasn’t done when you wanted it or how you wanted it (without being salty)

-speaking life over him & encouraging him in his role as a husband (ex: “I felt really loved when you did x,y,z. thank you honey.”) 

Once I started implementing this, all the little things that once used to annoy me or bother me became so minuscule in comparison to the wonderful things I noticed my husband doing and actually vocalizing my appreciation for them. Not only did it help me and my heart, but it also encouraged him!! After I began to praise him, thank him, and speak life over him for even the smallest things, I could see his entire disposition change. I could tell he felt more confident and secure in his role as a husband and father by simply saying thank you. I can’t help but think that’s exactly how God intended it to be. Wives encouraging, speaking life, and respecting their husbands in turn produces a confidence & security in him as he leads the family well. 

I know for many that may be much easier said than done, but I want to encourage you that it can start with you. This entire challenge has been about us wives intentionally making the decision to invest in our marriage and trusting that God will handle the rest. We can’t approach it as “is he deserving of this?” because none of us are. When we got married we entered a covenant and vowed before God that we would put that person’s needs, wants, & desires before our own. Dying to ourselves doesn’t feel good, but the fruit it produces is always always worth it in the end. 

I can’t believe we only have one more week to go!! Please continue to share testimonies- I’ll be sharing some once the challenge is over! As always, be blessed friends 🤎

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